Pencil Artist Academy

Art tutorials to show you every step of the process

Do you want to learn how to create beautiful artwork in the comfort of your own home?
Join the Pencil Artist Academy and you can!
I am proudly self taught so my methods are super simple and easy to use time and time again when you move on to creating your own pieces from scratch.
All of my videos are recorded on the fly. I explain every step taken in detail so that you can follow it and work alongside me very easily. I specialise in pencils and dry mediums so there is little or no clean up plus you can stop and start at your convenience, what's not to like!
I offer different options for access to suit your needs, buy single tutorials, or join the Academy to access all courses with new content being added all the time.

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Why you need art in your life

And lots of other stuff!

  • Are you looking to learn a new skill? Maybe you want to improve your artwork. - I can help with that. My tutorials are easy to follow but full of tips, techniques and explanations to help you along your arty journey.
  • Are you struggling with art techniques and becoming frustrated with your lack of progress? - I share the way I work with you in detail. I am self taught so my techniques are simple, easy to follow and understand.
  • Do you have time to spare and want to fill it with something worthwhile rather than watching tv all day? - In this day and age it's easy to get lost with wasting time. Make every second count doing something you enjoy.
  • Do you have a yearning to create something yourself you can feel proud of? - My full length tutorials will guide you through every step plus my tips and techniques will give you the skills you need to go on to create your own unique masterpieces.
  • Maybe you want to create artwork but don't want all the faff of cleaning up solvents and tidying away everything - Pencil art is amazing. You can stop mid piece and throw it all in a drawer with next to no cleaning up. When you are good to go again, simply pick up where you left off, no drying times, no mediums, no big fuss!
  • Don't fancy going to an art group or having private tuition? - I'm here! It's hard being in a group vying for the the tutor's attention, it's also a little overwhelming as you feel under pressure to be the perfect artist able to produce a masterpiece in your first lesson! Committing to a set time on a regular basis is also difficult with the possibility of missing lessons, lives are busy and unpredictable! With this in mind, I take you slowly through every step, no pressure to perform and you can take as long as you like. You can stop and start as often as you like without any time constraints. It just couldn't be easier!
  • Invest in yourself. Treat yourself to some me time and expand your knowledge and skills in a relaxed and easy way which fits in with your lifestyle.

Why Join the Academy?

Academy benefits

  • Unlimited access to all tutorials for the duration of your membership and you can cancel at anytime. 
  • Access to an exclusive art community on this website, call by for news plus support from me and meet fellow artists.  
  • A new full length tutorial available each month to guide you from beginning to end of a piece. Everything is covered in an easy to follow way, with every pencil stroke and mark explained. Each tutorial comes with a materials list, a colour swatch, line art and reference image. Nothing is complicated and all tutorials will suit beginners to professionals. You can rewind and rewatch as often as you like. These are anywhere from 4-10 hours long.
  • Exclusive monthly Q&A threads. You ask, I answer in the community with videos or written replies. Drop by and ask those burning questions about anything arty.
  • Monthly mini tutorial. Videos demonstrating specific techniques to hone your artistic talent. Perfect those skills quickly and get results fast. Learn at home at your own pace. There is no time limit and you can go back and forth as often as you like.

Learn art the easy way

Simple techniques you can use again and again

Real time recorded videos, see every stroke and mark.

Learn in the comfort of your own home.

Exclusive art community to learn even more.

Access with pc, tablet and mobile phone.

Pick up and put down at anytime, no time limits.

Easy to follow, suitable for beginner to expert

Why learn from me?

Sharing my love of creating art

  • I have run a successful full time pet portraits business accepting commissions from customers around the world.
  • I have won various art competitions and have exhibited my art at the Mall Galleries in London.
  • I am a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen and exhibit at large RHS Shows with them every year.
  • I am self taught so know very few fancy techniques or terms, I use my way which is always the easy way!
  • My videos are recorded on the fly and in real time, you can see every detail added, the pressure it was applied and how it all comes together.
  • Every tutorial comes with a materials list, line drawing and reference material to guide you on your arty adventure.
  • My Ebooks can be downloaded, especially good for those with poor internet.
  • The Exclusive art community provides additional learning and is the best place to go for guidance and can be accessed at any time for those who have purchased tutorials.
  • I have taught in person and have many satisfied students, I explain everything clearly and demonstrate each step. I am now using these same skills to teach online.

Courses Included

With more being added on a regular basis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can cancel anytime, you will receive an email each time a payment is due, simply cancel and you will not be charged. You can also cancel at any other time but still remain in the Academy until your next payment is due.

For as long as you have an active subscription

Yes you can! You have the option to download your invoices in your dashboard

Sorry, only Stripe can handle subscription payments, Paypal are hopeless at it!

Yes! If you want to be an affiliate, send me an email and I'll explain it all to you (very easy!)

There are a couple of download tutorials you can keep but the videos are online in the portal only

My website works best with Google Chrome on pc, laptop, tablet and phone.

Course Pricing

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