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Which Panpastel sets are best?

Which Panpastel sets are best? A question often asked in art forums and Facebook groups. Read on for more information.

As with any art materials there are various sets of Panpastels you can buy.

Panpastels sets are aimed at different art genres such as landscape, seascapes, animals and portraits to name but a few. They've created sets to relieve you of the task of sorting through many colours to pick those which you think you will need most.

Maybe you would find my FREE tutorial about 'How to Create a Sky background using Panpastels' useful. In 10 minutes, learn how to create a simple but very effective background for your artwork.

There are 80 panpastels in the full set which can be broken down into Pure colours, tints and shades. The thing very few artists realise is that the shades and tints are simply the Pure colours mixed with either black or white to make them darker or lighter, honestly that's all they are!

Panpastel Pure set
Image courtesy of Panpastel

There really is no need to buy anything other than from the Pure range as panpastels can be mixed very easily but this will also enable you to create even more shades and tints yourself. You could even cherry pick from the Pure range if there are some you'll never choose so use the colour chart below if you want to build them up a few at a time or even avoid some colours that will be left in the drawer!

Panpastel Pure Set colour chart
Image courtesy of Panpastel

    Even if you own the full set you will undoubtedly end up mixing them together anyway so it's nothing different to own just pure colours.

    Watch my little video which explains and shows you how the tints and shades are created from pure colours.

    Let me know what you think!

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