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Alternative Panpastel Tools

Using alternative panpastel tools to apply pastel powder to art support, video from Art by Karie-Ann. See how to use different tools.

I love panpastels, I love the way they can be blended on a support like paint. I do own the full set and even purchased the metalics and pearl versions because I like them so much!

The official tools used to apply them are sofft tools which are a variety of sponges, some you can slip onto tools of different shapes so you can get into little areas plus they come as big sponges for covering much larger areas. The problem with these tools is they wear out so quickly. I use pastelmat paper which is abrasive and will tear the sponges quite easily, they are good but just don't last as long as I'd like. 

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I've tried different ways of applying panpastels and found that good old make up brushes, watercolour brushes and make up sponges work just as well to apply them. The brushes never wear out and the make up sponges are so cheap and cheerful you don't feel like crying every time they fall apart!

I've created a little video of me using some of these tools to apply the base layer to a portrait I was working on so you can see how versatile they really are and how they can easily be applied with alternative panpastel tools.

A few things to note about the video

  1. I don't sleep well, this was about 3am in the morning so I had a pj top on!
  2. I'm in the garage working so had a woolly hat on!
  3. I changed video recording editor near the end to try it out, you can see it doesn't work so I won't be doing it again

Anyway, enjoy the video, see if it helps you use this wonderful medium. the other bonus with applying them with brushes is the layer is very lightly applied meaning you can add lots of pastel pencil on top for details!

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