Pet Portraits from photos

  • Are you looking for memorial pet portraits of a beloved animal?
  • A special gift for the animal lover who already has everything?
  • What about a fabulous piece of artwork of your own beloved furry friend to treasure for a lifetime?
  • Welcome to Art by Karie-Ann!

Here you can find all of the above and more, special pet portraits and animal art created with archival materials guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond. Remember your beloved pet for many years to come with a stunning and lifelike piece of art. I create dog, cat, horse, bird and other animal portraits in pastel and charcoal from your photos, just email me for no obligation advice –  it really is that simple! Find out more about making a commission or book directly

Original Pet Portraits and Animal Art from Art by Karie-Ann

Pastel and pencil pet portraits from photos enable stunningly accurate animal paintings, people, pet portraits and wildlife art to be recreated from your favourite pet photographs and images. Each pencil stroke captures the finest of details, ensuring a life-like treasured keepsake is created. Individual hairs in fur and hair are detailed and an animal or people portrait in pencil becomes a truly realistic glimpse back to fond memories and times past. Long after your children have grown up and flown the nest or after a beloved animal has passed away, pastel pencil art is a remarkable way of remembering those special moments in time which would otherwise have faded away as distant memories. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one or a unique piece of artwork, then look no further, you have arrived at the world of pencil art. I will produce portraits for you from your images, an exact recreation for you to keep. You can view the animal paintings progress, make comments and offer advice to ensure it is perfect and lives up to your expectations. In our very busy lives, we are sometimes lucky enough to own the pet of a lifetime, that constant companion you just cannot imagine being without. Unfortunately time passes and we lose our beloved friend, but why not have a beautiful pet portrait painted to ensure your memories do not fade with time but instead remind of all those wonderful moments you had together. I create pieces of art to treasure forever of something very personal and dear to you.


View my canine art galleries, from spaniels to collies, german shepherds to retrievers, all dogs are catered for!

cat portraits

See my beautiful cat art pet portraits paintings, felines in all colours and surroundings

SAA Best Amateur Animal Artist 2013

horse portraits

Beautiful equestrian art in pastel from your photos

artist blog

Visit my blog and watch each piece of animal artwork come to life, watch your commission appear before your very eyes, step by step. I explain how I create each of my pet portraits in pastel.

pet portraits in pastel gift certificates

Valid for one year from purchase, these are the ideal way of giving a unique and special gift. The recipient can enjoy being part of the creation process, choosing their own photos and watching the artwork come to life. They can be used for store items and tuition too.

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I post most of my art work in progress. Posts include materials and techniques as well as lots of pictures of stages.

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