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How To Price Your Artwork

Do you struggle to work how much you should charge for your artwork?
Are you just starting out on your art career and have no idea where to start, how to calculate a fair but good price?
Are you selling art or taking commissions but struggling to make it pay the bills?
Have you decided now is the time to up your prices but don't know a reliable method or fair way to do so?
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Sometimes we forget to take into account just how much it costs us to produce our artwork, not just physical items such as materials, packaging even postage, but what about the lessons you've paid for, the many hours you've spent honing your artistic skills. What about hosting a website?
All of these things costs money and eat into our profits.
Don't be the typical starving artist, get a fair price for your work and maybe even make a living from your artist talents, and why not! It shouldn't be regarded as a gift you must share with the world for free or worse still at cost to yourself!
Read my accompanying blog post which explains everything in detail then use my checklist to ensure you know exactly how much your art is costing you before you go on to calculate your prices.
Read the blog post here

What you get

  • Checklist to work out costs to keep and refer back to
  • Simple calculations to work out your prices

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