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Website Spring Clean and other news

spring clean

I’ve had a bit of a website spring clean lately, about time too I think!

I’ve removed the pet portraits deposits from my store as everyone who ordered one would contact me first for more details and I sent invoices anyway! I’ve made it much simpler by adding a contact form to the pet portraits commissions page

commissionsI’ve also teamed up with a new Fine Art Trade Guild framer so I am able to offer so many more frames to my clients. I will be adding lots of mouldings eventually to my website but in the meantime I will discuss all possibilities directly with the client to ensure the frame they require is what they get.

I’ve also limited the amount of images in my animal art galleries, in particular the dog portraits gallery to keep it fast (speed is very important in the google and internet world) but all of my dog art can be seen on my blog including the work in progress stages to show how each piece was created.

chocolate labrador pet portraits commission

cross breed pet portraits commission

lurcher pet portraits commission

Also it is the Christmas season and I am absolutely buried under with commissions, it’s so sad having to turn people away but alas every year people leave it until the last minute to request a pet portrait but handmade items take time to create so it’s important not to undertake too many hoping to get them done in time.  These are a few of the pet portraits which have been on my easel but that I have not had time to blog about yet. I will get around to it as soon as possible but at the moment of course it’s a matter of fulfilling those orders.

I’ve also made my Fine Art America/Pixels shop more prominent on my website as it’s doing quite well at the moment so any extra mentions couldn’t do it any harm!

It’s also on my website directly here. The sales are hosted through Fine Art America which is  super secure and items are shipped straight from their printing factories. They produce a fabulous range of items featuring my artwork such as the tote bag below, looks amazing doesn’t it!

I’ve  applied to quite a few shows for 2018, some new ones too, now it’s a matter of waiting to see how many I get into but of course as soon as I have confirmations I will add them to my events page. It’s a busy old life sometimes if you go it alone, everything needs to be done yourself unless you are lucky enough to have an assistant, sadly my husband is a tractor expert but when it comes to arty stuff or technical things he just doesn’t have a clue so if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done! It means every easel free moment is spent doing web stuff, internet and social posting, quite a task but when you hear back from a client about how they love their portrait, it does make it all feel worthwhile. Also the self satisfaction of creating something from scratch without relying on anyone else is wonderful, nothing feels better so to all my fellow artists, keep at it!

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Behind the scenes…

Stan and Willow

So again, Stan and Willow have been out exploring the woodlands of the Forest of Dean with me. It’s autumn here and is staggeringly beautiful on a dry day (not so pleasant when it’s wet!) and these two love nothing more than romping around in the forest with me. This photo was taken just near Blaize Bailey which is a stunning viewpoint overlooking the horse shoe bend of the River Severn however I think these two look equally as gorgeous!

Hope Wood

And just to show those dull grey days are all too common in autumn, this is the view from Hope Wood just behind Longhope in Gloucestershire. You wouldn’t believe how close it is to the major road which runs up to the city yet it’s almost undiscovered and I rarely see anyone else there.

Clements End

So this is a little track at the back of Clements End, another little hamlet in the Forest of Dean where if you blink, you’ll miss it! Tucked out of the way, unless you’re a local you’re unlikely to find it. I love little places like this, hidden from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Tides Pool

This is Tides Pool, in the middle of the wood, high up over the top of Ruspidge. It’s set out of the way and takes a bit of a jaunt to get to but it’s like a secret waiting to be discovered.

Go Cart Track

And finally, from the Go Cart Track, aptly named as back in the 1970s a go cart track was built in the middle of the woods (long ago before the days of health and safety) but it’s long been disused for that purpose but now is used to display felled timber which goes to a big annual hardwood auction.

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