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Using transfer paper

using transfer paper

So when you start creating art, you just want to get on with the exciting part right? The art itself is calling you but how do you get an accurate line drawing to begin with?


Been there and done that. Spent days at a time when I first started out trying to create the perfect sketch to use. It’s hard and takes practice and I’m sure it has made many a potential art master give up in dismay.

You will need drawing skills eventually but you also need to learn techniques to create amazing artwork. If you have to wait until your sketches are perfect, you’ll take so much time getting there you may never actually get to paint or draw!

The answer in the meantime is to use an easy simple method to create an accurate sketch on your support, with no rubbing out, no messy lines but best of all with no effort!

This short video will show you how to use transfer paper and add a perfect outline to your support. As your drawing skills are practiced and perfected you will eventually not need this option but if you use it for the rest of your life, who cares people, all that matters is you are creative and making beautiful art!

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Little Poo’s News

Little Poo has the winter blues. She’s pretty reluctant to go outside in the winter weather (bit like me to be honest) plus the squirrels are wisely staying in their dreys in between storms which are battering the UK of late! She’s reverted to testing radiators, open fires and cosy dog blankets of late, however one thing hasn’t changed, she still heartily enjoys a treat or two in reward for her non efforts! I’m thinking I need new staff!