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Completed Spaniel Pastel Painting

spaniel dog painting

So here is my spaniel painting completed. This one didn’t take too long for me, I must have recharged my batteries at some point! I used derwent pastel pencils only for this to see if the range was sufficient for an entire dog painting and they were indeed enough. I also used brown pastelmat and I’m almost convinced this is the best combo for me. I have thousands of pastel pencils and its getting out of hand and I almost feel I want to slim down my supplies before I need a room just for them! It’s also easier when reordering supplies!

framed springer spaniel pastel dog portrait painting

And here is the pastel painting framed and ready to go off to a new home in time for Father’s Day! The frame is brilliant as it matches the brown fur, I couldn’t have matched it closer to be honest so it looks pretty good.

I’ve filmed this one all the way through and now I just have to upload it as a video, as soon as it’s done I shall let you all know and you can see me working at top speed!

I have ordered some new art supplies and I have quite a few things to be getting on with, I have a week off work so it will be busy here in the studio, steam should be rising from my pencils!

You can see the first stage of this spaniel dog portrait here or another springer spaniel pet portrait here

2 thoughts on “Completed Spaniel Pastel Painting

  1. I’m glad to hear you are slow too! I never get any steam coming off my pencils Hans!

  2. I admire both you and your artwork. I am also a snail with my paintings

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