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Rose Art Tutorial Video, panpastel and pastel pencil

rose art tutorial

My new rose art tutorial is released! Real time video recorded on the fly showing step by step creation.

Rose Art Tutorial

It’s been a beautiful summer so far in England and my roses have been thriving in the sunshine. This one lives outside the patio windows and has been blooming repeatedly, the best it’s ever been! It smells delicious, so good in fact it would be rude not to paint and draw it. I took the photograph myself, so again this is a copyright free art tutorial, you can do as you wish with your finished artwork, gift it, print it, sell it and so on.

The rose artwork was created using just 5 panpastels, the primaries – red, yellow and blue plus black and white. The pans were used for the base layers and soft focus background, you don’t need the entire set of 92 panpastels (unless you want them all like me!) to make every colour, shade and tone under the sun. This video will show you how to mix them to create these glorious colours easily, but also bear in mind, owning all 92 still doesn’t mean the exact colour you are looking for is there anyway!

The tutorial includes –

  • Line drawing so you can get on with the creation part easily.
  • Reference photo to work from.
  • Colour swatch for you to compare with your own supplies without having to buy new.
  • 12 hours of full length videos so you can see how the pastel has been applied.