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RHS Spring Show, Malvern

rhs spring show malvern

So the show season has started with a bang! I’ve just spent the last six days at Three Counties Malvern, two of them setting up with the Hereford Guild of Craftsmen where we are joined by our neighbouring guilds, Cotswold and Worcester every year then four days of the actual show.

We were positioned in Wye Hall bay 2 and had bigger stands as the hall is wider than where we normally are next door – luxury!

setting up

All I can say is what an odd show! Usually the first day which is members day is busy and we do a lot of trade but this year the weather wiped it out. We had terrible storms and rain all day so it was quite literally a wash out! Friday was better but when an impromptu shower developed late in the afternoon it scared off all the visitors so we were all left feeling a little deflated. Roll on Saturday and Sunday which were both warmer and there was very little rain and wow what a difference! You just couldn’t move! It proved a double edged sword though as the thousands of visitors brought down the wifi and mobile networks so traders were left running around like headless chickens trying to make sales!

RHS Malvern Stand

It was a great show for me as I met lots of my previous clients and caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for a while plus I also booked more commissions so I’ll be busy for quite a while yet!

So now it’s just over a month until we are all back there for the Three Counties Show so if you are in the area do pop by! You can read all about last years show here

Little Poo’s News

Little Poo

So Little Poo herself is unable to type her addition to my blog post this week, she’s far too busy digging holes in the garden as it seems some little mice have moved into the hedgerow and she is on a mission to find them. She’s had no luck as yet but is a very dedicated mouser so she’ll keep going until she finds them or they move on (hoping for the latter as she likes to bring me gifts on occasion!) She’s been busy supervising my husband in the garden. Every year he puts on a display of hanging baskets and flower pots all over the place and he has now extended his flower show to my ‘shedio’ as well. Once done I’ll take a piccie and add it to a future blog post. Little Poo has managed to investigate every compost bag, flower pot and seed packet going and everything has passed her sniff test and can be used! She loves to sit in the doorway of my ‘shedio’ and watch as everyone else works away, sometimes she’ll just pass out and have an afternoon siesta, I’ve tried to explain we don’t live on the continent but as yet, she largely ignores me. Not sure she’s going to prove much of an assistant now the finer weather is here, maybe she’s turning into a fair weather shirker! Alas the rest of us need to work so I’d best get back to it!

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  1. They are all drawings Robert, all done with pastel or charcoal

  2. Are these photographs or drawings?

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