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News Flash and a new job for me

new job

So the news is I am now a full time pet portrait artist. After fifteen action packed years with the Forestry Commission. 

I’ve finally parked up my little green van and put my wellies in the cupboard. They will come back out I’m sure but will not be my all day footwear and I am wearing a lot less green! (For anyone who has met me out in the woods of the Forest of Dean or ever seen a Forestry Commission employee, the uniform is very green!!!)

So why is it happening now? Well life really. My artwork has just taken off over the last couple of years but this year has been without doubt, so busy but very hard work. I am booked through until way into 2019 with commissions even doing it full time and I have so many things planned that I want to do artwise.

I have all sorts of pet portraits commissions booked in, horses, cats, dogs in both pastel and charcoals to keep me busy for a fair while and I have lots of tutorials lined up too, they seem to be my bread and butter and it’s nice to be able to pick and choose the subjects I draw and paint as an opposite to pet portraits.

Luckily I live in the middle of the woods in the very beautiful Forest of Dean, England so I still will be wandering around the woodlands with my trusty doggy companions (they were worried this would tail off but I need my forest fix!)

So here’s to a fruitful future with lots more art appearing on an easel near me! And just to give you an idea of where I live, this is my favourite place in the Forest of Dean. A beautiful setting that I’ll be sure to revisit.

Woorgreen Lake, Forest of Dean
Wish me luck on my new arty adventures everyone!

And just because it’s my blog and I can post whatever I like, it was Stan’s gotcha anniversary today. Wherever you are Big Stan, I hope you’re waiting for me, I walk the forest paths without you these days but you are always in my heart.


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