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Tiger Painting – Majesty, hot off the easel!

‘Majesty’ – sold

So here is my latest completed original tiger painting (yes I do love a tiger!) and this one has been created from a reference belonging to Becky Harding – thank you!

Merchandise is available on Redbubble and Pixels, this artwork is also available for licensing

Majesty stage 1

Getting down to basics, this one was supposed to be a video but my recorder has given up the ghost and I am trying to find a replacement that doesn’t break the bank! Please feel free to give me ideas! I need to be able to store quite a lot of data onto it, either onto the hard drive or on media, but the main problem is finding one which can be used whilst plugged in otherwise the batteries keep dying mid-vid and I don’t notice, hence lots of gaps!

Anyway, as usual I shall give you a few details about this piece of wildlife art – it’s 8×8 inches and is on my favourite brown pastelmat. I used all sorts of pastel pencils for this piece, derwents (especially good for the oranges, and underpainting, faber castell pitts for the detailed fur and stabilos for the fab greys. You can see in the shot above how I work in layers, several light layers of underpainting in various colours to build up the base and then lots of fine details on top to create the fur

Majesty stage 2

As you can see I mapped out my sketch lines, again using a white pencil and then the colouring began! I used derwent seal and pitt raw umber to add the dark fur stripes, I did deepen them where needed at the end with a touch of black for the deepest of shadows.

Majesty stage 3

As you can see it takes quite a variety of pastels to create fur, these are the few I used as I was working the area underneath the chin.

Majesty stage 4

As I work around the piece I simply repeat the process of adding more layers of underpainting  to then add fine details on top.

finished tiger

And here is the finished piece with most of the pastel pencils I used, there were a few more but they had fallen on the floor by this point! Quite a few considering the tiger is mainly orange, white and black in many people’s eyes! It does take a fair few shades, hues and colours to make fur look real!

Don’t forget merchandise is available on Redbubble and Pixels, this artwork is also available for licensing


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