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Chocolate lab dog paintings completed

Holly’s dog portrait is now completed. I’ve sent each update of my labrador portraits to her Mum, and so far the news is all good, fingers crossed the last update is also the same! It’s definitely been hard resisting too much chocolate especially as it’s been Easter and Holly’s colouring has certainly made me feel very peckish!


 So for a quick recap – Holly’s pet portrait is 10×10 inches on brown pastelmat. She has been completed in pastel pencils. I used mainly faber castel pitts for the underlayers, their browns are really perfect for Holly’s colouring. I then used stabilos and derwents for the highlights, they sit on top nicely as they are so creamy.


 Me at the easel! The brown tape is framers tape, it is quite expensive but comes off really smoothly without damaging the pastelmat. (Wait for the rush on framers tape!) and my home made mahl stick is nice and wide so I can lean my whole arm against it. It prevents my sleeves rubbing the pastel when I work on tall pieces of animal art and am lifting my arm up and down.





choc lab portrait

Look at all the pastel pencils colours I used! Yes, there is some blue and purple in there too! Amazing the shades which go into making fur!

I’ve made my website mobile friendly now so you should be able to view everything on all phones tablets as well as conventional computers in good order, let me know if you spot anything wrong though! Also, don’t forget, you can see more of my dog portraits in the gallery and if you like my artwork, don’t forget to follow my blog!

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  1. Thanks Ken! Appreciate the feedback 🙂

  2. nice finish karie …well done

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