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Dog painting in pastel completed

dog painting in pastel completed

So my dog painting in pastel is completed. At the time of your reading Josh will be winging his way across the Atlantic to Toledo, USA.

work in progress dog painting in pastel

This is where we left it on my last blog post so you can see I started working on the final sections of fur and ear. I started with a layer of Derwent Seal to set a dark underlayer before adding the lighter layers on top. This layer was roughly put in, not worrying too much that all of the pastelmat was covered as many more layers would be added on top.

pastel pencil

You don’t need super sharp pastels to create fine fur sometimes, this is a stabilo pale grey I used for the top highlight layers. As you can see it’s not sharp but as I added the layers finely and with a very light handed touch, this colour sits on top rather than dragging the underlayers through so it looks like there are fine light colours built up.

completed dog painting

And finally after all of those layers, Josh is completed. I’ve sent many updates to his family and they are very happy with the finished result and just awaiting his arrival. I can’t wait to see how they frame him. He already has a wall waiting above here he used to lie down. Very apt I think.

Previous stages of Josh can be seen here and here.

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