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Cat and Owner Portraits

cat and owner portraits

You never know you can do something until you try! So I tried a human! My second ever! Continue reading Cat and Owner Portraits

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Tortoiseshell cat painting

tortoiseshell cat painting

Meet Maisie, my new tortoiseshell cat painting. Maisie’s reference image was donated by a kind Facebook follower to allow me to create a downloadable art tutorial (coming very soon so do subscribe to receive news directly in your inbox)

The original is now sold.

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Tabby Cat Painting in pastel

Tabby cat painting

Hope you like my latest tabby cat painting in pastel ‘Room with a View’.

I was braver than I usually am and decided to paint something more illustrative, what do you think?

This beautiful tabby cat painting in pastel is available here

Prints, gifts and apparel featuring ‘Room with a view’ available here

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