Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers you need about my pet portraits from photos and wildlife art. You will find everything you need to know because everyone has asked these questions before. I hope I’ve covered all the important aspects but if you still are unable to find the answer please browse through my conditions page or contact me and I will help you all I can. If you feel I have not included a major topic in my FAQs then please let me know, it may just be the answer the next person is looking for and my help them a great deal. Paypal is my prefered payment method. Cheques and postal orders (both UK orders only) can be made out to Karie-Ann Jones



About 4 weeks, however this is determined by my work load. If you do require your pet portraits for a certain deadline simply email me and will tell you if this is possible.



To ensure your portrait is booked I do require a 50% deposit. Until your deposit is received I cannot add your portrait to my work list


I use specialist packaging materials to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. I am able to send portraits framed with glass safely and securely and I also send with insurance. I’m sure when you receive your portrait in perfect condition you will agree it’s well worth it

How much will my portrait cost?

This is calculated from my pet portraits and wildlife art pet portraits prices page. I do not charge individually for portraits, everyone pays the same rate so you can calculate how much your chosen animal art costs before you even contact me.


I want copies of my portrait, what do I do?

All portraits I produce are my copyright and cannot be reproduced without my permission. If you require copies, you can orderby simply emailing me. You do not need to order them at the time of commissioning a portrait as I always keep a digital copy of each portrait.

What if I’m not happy with the finished pet portrait?

This should never happen (it hasn’t yet) as you are able to leave feedback as your portrait is shown progressing on my artist blog if at anytime you have any concerns simply email me and I will rectify your portrait, if you are still not satisfied you are offered a no quibble money back guarantee.

What does it mean when you say ‘the artist retains the image rights’?

Although you have purchased the painting and it is from your photograph, the pet portrait has been created by myself and I am able to use it as I see fit (examples on my website, prints of originals, using as an example of work) but I will respect anyone’s wishes if they do not wish their pet portrait to be shown on my website as a gesture of goodwill. Email me if you have any issues


Can you put images from different photographs together in a portrait?

Yes, please try to ensure your pet images are in proportion as without seeing your subjects in person I will not know sizes. Even if it is not your chosen image, it is helpful to send an image of the animals together so I can see the difference in sizes. See my pet portraits photography guide to capture the perfect shot

What size digital images are needed?

As large as possible, for the smaller portraits no less than 250kb is acceptable but for portraits A3 and above the larger the size image sent, the better the portrait will be. If you are in any doubt, please email images to me for no obligation advice.

How many images should I send?

As many as possible, I work from one main image but use others for eye colour, coat colour etc so the more information I have, the better the final portrait will be.



Can you frame my portrait?

Yes, I now offer bespoke framing so simply request a no obligation quote



I want a portrait for someone else but can’t get suitable photographs.

Simply order a gift certificate, you can choose the amount you require. Gift certificates can be added together or used as part payment for a portrait

How long are the certificates valid for?

Certificates are valid for a lifetime, please be aware though that are valid for prices at the time of surrender, so if you leave them too long there could be an additional cost.


My gift certificate is a lower value than I want to spend.

Email me with the difference in cost you wish to pay and pay here with Paypal and then your portrait can be started, if you want an invoice instead just let me know.


Payments from worldwide destinations can be made with Paypal.

UK orders can pay with BACs or cheques and postal orders made out to Karie-Ann Jones.

Can I pay for my portrait in stages?

Yes you can, I can regularly invoice you with Paypal, however your portrait will not be despatched until the total balance has been paid in full


See terms and conditions but if you still require further advice please email me