Dog Portraits

Welcome to my dog portraits gallery. These are the most popular pet in our homes. They become our faithful friends and are cherished members of our families. It’s unsurprising we want to immortalise our special companions as dog portraits. They are always forgiving and each dog has individual character traits which are never forgotten. Years after our beloved companions have passed away we look back with fond memories of our times spent together. Below you will find a collection of dog portraits commissions, each created in detail from photographs belonging to owners.

I use the finest artists quality materials – faber castell pitts, stabilo carb’othello, pan pastel and derwent pastels on archival quality specialist Clairefontaine pastelmat paper. These materials will ensure your dog portraits from photos last longer than a life time. I spend many hours ensuring that not only are my portraits realistic and life-like but that all my portraits capture a memory in time, something to be treasured each time they are looked at.

If you are interested in making a commission or tuition:

Click on each image to see it in finer detail at a larger scale.

english setter pet portraits

Pastel Dog Portraits

Charcoal Dog Portraits