Cat Portraits

Welcome to my cat portraits gallery. Cats make wonderful pets, they choose us rather than the other way around. We are blessed with their companionship and their graceful personalities. They remain aloof at times but are also a great comfort and every home should have one! They are as flexible in their uses as they are as pets, some are workers. A farm is never without one and some are just a comfort to have at home at the end of a long day. What is more relaxing than a feline purring and giving you it’s attention!

I use the finest artists quality materials to create my custom cat portraits – faber castell pitts, stabilo carb’othello, pan pastel and derwent pastels on archival quality specialist Clairefontaine pastelmat paper. These materials will ensure your pastel paintings last longer than a life time. I spend many hours ensuring that not only are my paintings realistic and life-like but that all my cat paintings capture a memory in time, something to be treasured each time they are looked at.

If you are interested in making a cat portrait painting commission or tuition:

Click on each image to see it in finer detail at a larger scale.

cat portraits