Commission Work List

I am working my way down the list but as requirement dates are received the order will change so don’t panic if you are near the bottom at the moment, just let me know when you need your portrait by.

  1. Azzan, Faun, Indigo – Horse and 2 whippets, Karen Folly – photos received, pastel 12×16, dp
  2. Bella – Bedlington Terrier, David Chapman – photo received, charcoal 8×12, dp
  3. Mutley – Springer Spaniel, Dave Jones – photos received, pastel 12×16, dp, framed
  4. Buster – Ginger Tom, Ann Downs – photo received
  5. Heidi – boxer, Gareth Jones – photos received – charcoal 12×16, dp, framed
  6. Bella and Lily – cocker spaniels, Steve Hudson – photos received, pastel 12×16, dp, framed
  7. Lily – crossbreed, Samantha West – photos received, charcoal 12×16, dp
  8. Boxer, Sarah Robson – photos received, charcoal 8×12
  9. Dru, Flat Coat Retriever, Judith Harris – photos received
  10. Gillie – Springer Spaniel, Clive – photos received, pastel 12×16, dp, framed
  11. Angela Baxter – awaiting photo
  12. Charlie – Welsh Terrier, June and Peter Walker – awaiting photos
  13. Toby – Kelpie, Sharryn Lewis – awaiting photo
  14. Kep – Collie, Andy – photo received
  15. Gypsy – terrier, Ron – photos received
  16. Bailey – Springer spaniel, Pam Atkinson – awaiting photos
  17. Cassie – saluki/collie, Sue Clarke – awaiting photos
  18. Hattie – Yorkie/Schnauzer, Lynn Whitley – awaiting photos
  19. 2 x horse plus bull, Tina Williams – awaiting photos
  20. Charlie – Sheep dog, Karen Powell – awaiting photos
  21. Molly – Springer Spaniel, Caroline Evans – photos received
  22. Billy – Miniature Schnauzer, George – awaiting photos

The small print!

Once I have received your photos, I will be in contact to discuss size/medium and framing options. After you decide what you want and when you want it by, you will need to make up the deposit to 50% before work begins on your portrait. You will receive email updates to ensure the portrait is being created exactly as you want but if you are not happy with it you will receive a full refund. Once a finished portrait is approved you will be required to pay the balance and then it will be sent to you with tracking. Any questions, please email me at