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Wolf Art Tutorial, panpastel and pastel pencil

wolf art tutorial

My new wolf art tutorial is released as a full length video with real time voice over!

Wolf Art Tutorial

So in this art tutorial I show you step by step how to draw a realistic wolf using panpastels and pastel pencils. Each stage is described in detailĀ  plus you can actually see the techniques I use in the video.

This beautiful wolf face drawing has been created from a copyright free image on Pixabay meaning you can do whatever you like with the finished piece, you can sell it, gift it, print it, enter it into competitions and so on as there are no copyright issues at all but aside from that, this art tutorial will help you create wolf drawings easily.

The tutorial includes –

  • Line drawing so you can get on with the creation part easily.
  • Reference photo to work from.
  • Colour swatch for you to compare with your own supplies without having to buy new.
  • 9.5 hours of full length videos so you can see how the pastel has been applied.

panpastel background