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Wildlife Art – Huddle of Humbugs

wild boar wildlife art

No doubt, if you are local to the Forest of Dean you will recognise these little cuties immediately. These little ones are now being born in the woodlands and they are really very sweet to see. They are called humbugs (due to their stripes which sadly disappear as they grow larger) or hoglets.

wild boar painting

I’m not sure of the exact dimensions of this piece of wildlife art, it’s slimmer than A3 but I will measure it soon.

So again, some background for you: I am using my favourite brown pastelmat, supplies are low on this but I have a full cupboard of white I shall have to break into before long or go on a shopping spree! I am using pitts, stabilos and derwent pastels for the artwork, it’s quite detailed so sharp points are a must!

If I’m truthful, it’s actually going to be an epic piece of animal art, I do love an epic even though they take me hundreds of hours! I do have a date to complete this by which is slightly closer than I realised so we shall see! In all there will be 9 humbugs so I shall be seeing stripes rather than spots in front of my eyes for a while!

I did actually remember to time this and so far it’s 6 hours 20 mins. I have been working on it most of the evening after a day of disaster when the bathroom leaked through the kitchen ceiling so for a while we had our own indoor water feature! I have spent hours mopping and drying so was pretty glad to sit at my easel for some recovery time!

This piece will be for sale once completed so contact me for more information

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