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Wildlife Art – A Packet of Humbugs

wild boar art

Bit of an update on my wild boar wildlife painting. I tried so hard to be logical and work the humbugs first, I lasted 3 from 9 boar…….

wild boar wildlife painting

…then I fancied doing a bit of grass, a bit of blurry background and another boar baby!

So much for logical! I think this mess sums up my artistic ability completely, all over the place, never knowing until the last minute if it will work! I do hope it comes together towards the end! I’m only at 15 hours so far, yes I did remember the stop watch! Long way to go if it doesn’t work out!

Hopefully you can see all the techniques (if you can call them that) of how I use my pastel pencils as everything is at different stages! I decided to lay a dark layer down on the back and foregrounds as there are some really dark patches in the mix so I can now work the lighter colours on top without getting muddy by adding shadows at the end. It is possible to add dark over light with pastel but it just sits so much better if the dark goes down first, although I will admit, I do add darks over light all the time!

Hopefully you can see it’s quite realistic, loving the brindle fur and stripes on the boar, not the usual fur colours I work on and it contains browns, reds, pinks, yellows and a bit of orange!

You can see the small assortment of colours I’ve used so far, it expanded outside one pencil tray and I’m thinking by the end I’ll have three on the go!

pastel pencils

You can see the previous stages of the wild boar painting here, you can also see more pastel paintings in my animal art galleries

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4 thoughts on “Wildlife Art – A Packet of Humbugs

  1. Thanks Michael, great to have you comment on my blog! These little piggies are far too cute for their own good I think!

  2. The little pigs looking Very very good…

  3. Thank you Lisa! I do love creating art and it’s brilliant to hear when other people like it!

  4. Karie-Ann You are an amazing artist, and an inspiration to us all, keep going girl, i love your work ☺

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