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Wild boar drawing in pastel

wild boar drawing in pastel

My wild boar drawing is finished! I’m really on a roll getting half done projects finished at the moment. It feels really good as the final push takes a short time so I really feel I’m accomplishing something for a change! You can see all the previous stages of the wild boar paintings here

This piece stumped me for a while, and it really does proove wise to put things to one side and mull over them.

wild boar work in progress

I had huge issues with the background, originally it was supposed to be bracken and fern but I found it far too busy against all the grass and the stripes of the hoglets. You can see above as I started to add the background it just became too busy and complicated, which I normally do like, however, sometimes, less is more! After much procrastination, pondering and pfaffing, I went for the good old faithful blurry background!

wild boar drawing

‘Huddle of Humbugs’ is now available as prints in my online store


Some other news

tortoiseshell cat painting

My tortoiseshell cat painting has sold, a lovely lady who breeds them took a shine to it and took her home! Couldn’t have gone to a better place! You can see more tortoiseshell cat art prints. I’ve also nearly finished the downloadable art tutorial for this one, so do check back!

kingfisher bird art

And also ‘Winging It’ (you can see how it was created this piece of kingfisher art here) has gone to a local-ish couple in Stroud. (available as fine art prints here)

I’ve also got a few commissions lined up, plus I’m trying to get ready for the Three Counties Show at Malvern in a few weeks so it’s all pretty hectic in the studio right now! If you are visiting the show, please do pop by, The Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen will be in the Severn Hall.

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