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Wildlife Art – How boaring!

wild boar wildlife art

Apologies for the delay and very slow progress on my wild boar wildlife painting. As you can see the stripes are almost there and a few snouts will appear shortly but then it’s all that grass and blurry background!

We’ve been having a bit of home improvement taking place and after a year of waiting I’m finally getting a new room to add to my artist studio! The room adjoining was a downstairs bedroom and was unused so it’s now going to be my office. I have so much art clutter it’s spreading everywhere so it will be put to good use. Plus I start my one to one art tuition with earnest so it will be nice to teach in a clearer area with a bit more space!

I have my art paper in a built in wardrobe on the landing, easels and much more in the walk in wardrobe and the spare bedroom upstairs is currently looking after my display boards. I’ve already started to have a bit of a tidy up and am going to put some items up for sale, watch this space if you want some art supplies, I have so much I could open my own art shop! I think I’m ready to admit I like pastels too much to really try any other medium with too much verve so it’s time I slimmed down my unused supplies.

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