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Tortoiseshell cat pastel tutorial in store!

cat pastel tutorial

She’s done! My new pastel tutorial is ready for all you pastel artists in the making to download!

Get my tortoiseshell cat tutorial here!

cat pastel art tutorial

With over 100 images and 56 pages of detailed instructions, you can follow this guide to recreate your own stunning cat art at your own pace without the pressure of a class or someone peering over your shoulder. Great for novice and professional artists alike, there are no complicated techniques used. You can take all you learn and apply it to your own artwork in the future.

Featuring a whole section about eyes, and several about fur, this full tutorial will help you achieve artwork to be proud of.

pastel art tutorial

I’ve covered everything from backgrounds, eyes, fur, blending and how not to muddy your pastels in this tutorial.

Why not give it a go! It could be all you need to help you on your way to becoming a pet portrait artist of the future!

tortoiseshell cat painting

3 thoughts on “Tortoiseshell cat pastel tutorial in store!

  1. Thank you Fuzzy dragons

  2. Thank you so much! It was a great show and very busy! Now I’m getting ready for Three Counties which will hopefully be as good!

  3. Really enjoyed your stand at the Malvern show , such fantastic detail , stunningly beautiful portrait’s such talent very impressed

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