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Terrier pet portrait

terrier pet portrait

This little fellow is Rooney, a rather skilled footballer who just happened to be given the right name and my latest terrier pet portrait.

The making of a terrier pet portrait

terrier portraits in pastels

Rooney’s owner is the first pet portraits client in a long time who doesn’t have the internet. Luckily he lives in the next village of Ruardean so I’ve been popping by with Rooney on a regular basis so his owner can see the progress. It’s all very strange not to use the internet as it’s how I contact most of my clients, even those I meet at shows come back through my website. Feels very antiquated but it was so nice to see the client on a regular basis. Makes me wonder how we managed before the internet took off!!!

I used all sorts of pastels on this one, sennelier and derwent sticks, stabilo, pitt and derwent pastel pencils. The support was brown pastelmat, sized 12×16 inches.

terrier portraits in pastels

As you can see I built up blocks of base colours, patting colours down and blending them into the pastelmat. I used fingers and sponges for blending.

terrier portraits in pastels

You can see Rooney is quite a cute little terrier, every time I visited we had to play football. His party trick is to race off to find all his footballs and leave them at my feet until I took a hint. I had a pile of several footballs to contend with! He’s also pretty keen for a 12 year old, sadly my skills were rubbish and I kept kicking the ball into the bushes in the garden!

terrier portraits in pastels

Please note some of the colours may be off in my updates, some photos were taken under daylight bulbs and at different times of the day so lighting conditions were a bit up and down.

terrier portraits in pastels

Bit of a close up of Rooney’s very sweet face. He is very furry and it took quite a few layers to build up the effect. I used sharp pastel pencils for this, using very light pressured layers as I went along.

terrier portraits in pastels

Most of Ronney is in place in the shot above, he has definitely been fun to create, I loved his markings with a saddle like area of grey/blue.

terrier portraits in pastels

Here is a quick easel shot. As you can see I have everything to hand but it does get a little congested at times! I do think I need to tidy up more often!

terrier portraits in pastels

So basically Rooney is now in situ on his lawn. All that fluff!!! I took Ronney back to his owner at this point and noted that really to fit his personality Rooney definitely needed a football in his portrait.

terrier portraits in pastels

Quick couple of easel shots, you can see my very posh mahl stick made from door frame and broken pencils!

terrier portraits in pastels

terrier pet portraits

So here is Rooney with his favourite football. Now he just needs framing and delivering early next week. See more Terrier Portraits in pastel.

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