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Tawny owl pastel artwork

tawny owl bird painting

The making of ‘Free as a Bird’ 8×12 inches original tawny owl painting in pastel.

Owl pastel artwork from award winning artist Karie-Ann Cooper

This piece featuring a beautiful tawny owl in autumn is based on a reference by Steve Magennis. It is 8×12 inches in size and has been a demonstration piece I have worked on at a couple of exhibitions and shows I’ve been at throughout the summer. Finally I found time to finish it! As it was taken half way around the surrounding counties and back I didn’t really take too many work in progress pictures, however everyone who has seen me working on it definitely knows how it was created as is stirred up quite a bit of interest and lots of people stopped to ask about the techniques being used.

tawny owl art

As it was a demo piece I only took a limited amount of supplies with me so this one has been entirely created with Derwent pastels. I used mainly pastel pencils but some sticks were used to add some of the underlayers. Derwent actually match their sticks to their pastel pencils so they are perfect to use together. (Don’t forget you can read my post about how to sharpen pastel pencils)

tawny owl drawing from award winning artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Lots of people ask about my blended backgrounds, there really is no secret to them, they are just areas of colour blended together. There is a bit of a knack to the blending, over doing it definitely makes the colours muddy so less is always better in the case!

tawny owl artwork from award winning artist Karie-Ann Cooper

These are some of the pastels I used to create this piece, I find the derwents are ideal as they can be used for soft focus and detail work as they are so soft. I cannot recommend them enough!

tawny owl pastel art from award winning artist Karie-Ann Cooper

‘Free as a bird’ is available to buy direct from me, the artist here. If you like my art, please feel free to share my website or this post and do leave a comment!

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  1. It is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

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