springer spaniel portraits

Springer spaniel portraits from the studio of Art by Karie-Ann, international and award winning animal artist. I owe a lot to springers, this is where it all began! My Dad has owned many springers over the years and my first attempt at a pet portrait was of his spaniel which was awful. He loved it and so my ‘career’ began. He would receive new springer spaniel portraits for his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day and so on. He now as a house full of my artwork ranging from the awful first attempts to my more recent more successful versions. He has also become my best marketer and sales man showing my artwork to anyone who would look resulting in quite a few commissions of this wonderful breed of dog. I love creating springer spaniel portraits as they remind me of my childhood, my first memories being of an old spaniel named Duke who was second hand but became my pillow, he was a gentle old soul and loved everyone. Duke was one of my earliest pet portraits back in the day when I used graphite pencils, luckily I have now discovered the delights of pastel and charcoal.