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The latest Studio News

latest studio news

So it’s all go in my log cabin studio. I am superbly busy with lots of pet portraits and I still have more shows to do this season. I’m feeling very happy all my hard work has started to pay off.

Next I’m exhibiting and demoing at Kington Horse Show with lots of my fellow Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen. We’ll all be in the craft tent with our varied selection of work and skills so do pop by if you are in the area.

Recently I’ve been at Welland Steam Rally with my stand. It was an odd mixture of weather, we’ve had nothing but extreme heat for weeks on end but the rains came late Saturday (which was unbelievably busy) and then Sunday turned everything into a quagmire. I’ve been thinking about trading in my 4×4 truck for some time to maybe a transit van so it’s easier to lift everything in and out of, however after being one of only a few who could get their vehicle to the marquee I was so glad to have it. Most other traders had to carry their wares through the ankle deep mud and the brave few who tried mainly got stuck and had to be pulled out with tractors, me, I just ambled along in my truck and drove straight through the disaster zone!!! Think I’ll keep it now!!!

I currently have more pet portraits to complete than I’ve ever had, including my busiest Christmas so my pencils will be steaming away and earning me a crust. Not a bad way to earn a living is it!!!

Hope to see some of you in person at one of the shows I do! Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with the latest news and you can find out more about my pet portraits commissions here

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