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Springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait

springer spaniel in charcoal

I was commissioned to create a springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait of Mia after meeting her humans at a show.

Springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait

They sent me some photos of the lovely Mia and her pose chosen for the portrait was just beautiful with good lighting and clear details, all perfect for me to use as a reference for a dog portrait.

Step by step how Mia was created in charcoals

springer spaniel pet portrait wip 1

I used a variety of items to create Mia’s springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait including derwent charcoal sticks and pencils, generals white charcoal pencils and panpastel for the background. As you can see my easel gets a little cluttered as I work, I tend to keep picking things up and then depositing them on the eldge of my easel so I’m forever knocking them off and searching for them on the floor. Every time it happens I cuss myself for not being more organised and tidy!

springer spaniel pet portrait wip 2

You can see how just a few pencils an sticks can really build up the impression of fur with charcoal. It’s a much quicker result than pastels simply because the amount of materials to use is very restricted as I am a bit of a fiddler, always tweaking so for me a few charcoal pencils mean I have less chance to keep changing things!

springer spaniel pet portrait wip 3

I hae also treated myself to some willow charcoal sticks which I love and being super messy I end up with it all over me as much as on a portrait. They are brilliant in that you can sharpen them to a really fine point for detailing too and they come in different thicknesses so you really can cover a big area with them if needed as well as adding finer details.

springer spaniel pet portrait wip 4

You can see here I really like to keep my pencils sharp, it helps getting every strand of fur created. Mia’s springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait showed her as very shiny so I used the generals white charcoal pencil to add the highlights.

completed springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait with materials used

And here she is completed on my easel, at least I’ve taken away some of my materials from this shot (see there is an easel under there!)

Completed springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait

springer spaniel charcoal pet portrait

And here is her scan to show you all the fine detail. Mia has already reached her owners where she was received very well. Her proud owners left me the following message on Mia’s Facebook post

We can’t thank you enough, Mia has never looked better….

Photo comparison

charcoal pet portrait photo comparison

Just showing you a little photo comparison from the original colour photo reference I was sent and how it looks next to the finished charcoal pet portrait.

Timelapse of charcoal pet portrait

Here is Mia’s little timelapse, it took an age to upload as we live out in the sticks and at the end of the line for everything so at times it’s a little painful!

What next?

Contact me if you require any information about my artwork or if you are interested in booking your own commisions otherwise use the links below to find out more.

e now

Little Poo’s News

July 2019 Employee of the month

A word or two from Little Poo – So I thought it was about time my Mum and boss acknowledged the amount of work I do as a studio assistant. I am now proving very popular with studio visitors and as it’s Far Open Studios next week I shall be called upon again to strut my stuff, liaise with the visitors, mingle with the crowds and generally be centre of attention (none of which I mind, just don’t tell my Mum) . At our weekly board meeting I suggested employee of the month be awarded to those of us who work tirelessly behind the scenes (see the proof of me being very useful with a feather duster in my photo) and she agreed. She went away and had a good think about all the candidates, namely me, and decided I deserved the accolade! Anyway, we are currently primping and preening the studio in time for the open studios event which runs from 6th to 14th July so if you are in the Forest of Dean area, please do call by so I can show my Mum how good I am!

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