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Spring Clean in Autumn!

autumn in Forest of Dean

It’s Autumn in England as you can see above at Nagshead RSPB Nature Reserve and things have been a little quiet at the easel due to many many things.

I am definitely feeling pastel withdrawal! Nevertheless the time has not been wasted and I undertook the task of adding a fully functioning store to my website then tidying it up, a spring clean in autumn! I’ve had a couple of false starts with the store, not surprising as I have had no one show me what to do to create a website and it’s all been trial and error with no one to nag about how to do things!

Anyhow, I got there, and it works! Then I decided my website needed a bit of a spruce up so that’s just what I did! Hopefully everything is now more streamlined and easier to navigate. I also did a lot of work on the mobile version of it which now has a much more condensed menu for an easier flow. After all that brain power being exhausted I really should lie down but instead I’ll be back at my easel tomorrow (all the best plans are laid to waste though so I’ll have to cross my fingers on that!)


Going back to the autumnal theme, it’s also now right in the middle of the deer rut and stags are bellowing with gusto around the woods. This beauty just stood in the track in front of me, then he started walking towards me. I did give way as I also had my dogs and in the end he just wandered into the side to be near…


…the does who are herding up together now. Last week I couldn’t help but fall over deer and wild boar, no photos of the boar as they shot off as soon as they saw me, very impolite!

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I am also proud to be offering a pet portrait for the Christmas raffle for German Shepherd Rescue where Stan came from. Fingers crossed they will raise lots of money to help pay the spiralling costs of looking after all those poor dogs looking for forever homes.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Clean in Autumn!

  1. Many thanks Beverley, thank you so much for your comment! She is a lovely scruffy but very naughty little terrier!

  2. just love pastel work , love your website and your scruffy terrier.
    bev .

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