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Spaniel pet portrait in pastels

spaniel blog post

So this spaniel pet portrait was my Dad’s Christmas present from me.

It was a little touch and go to get it finished and framed in time however as you may have previously read, my Dad and his spaniels were the reason my pet portrait career began

My Dad lost his beloved springer Brodie a while ago and now has a new puppy, Gillie so it was about time he had a new portrait to add to his home gallery! Gillie is a very handsome spaniel and I thought he would make a wonderful pet portrait for my Dad. I was able to sneak in for a photo session some time ago and Gillie obliged by lying quietly on the patio, he was an ideal model!!!

spaniel materials
spaniel base layers

So I did manage to complete the spaniel pet portrait in time to frame and give to my Dad on Christmas day. I had a very late night/early morning to get there but it was worth it in the end as my Dad adores his spaniels, he has always had at least one since before I was born so it would be a very strange household not to have one there.

spaniel work in progress

Completed Spaniel Pet Portrait
spaniel pet portraitComparison Photo
spaniel pet portrait comparison image

I’ve added a comparison image with the original reference, you can see I changed the background as it was the patio and washing line so a portrait can still be created regardless of what else is in the image.

Spaniel Pet Portrait Timelapse Video

Don’t forget you can see more videos on my youtube channel

Little Poo's News

So the news from the Little Poo camp is, she is yet again in trouble! Surprise, surprise! This time she managed to roll in something pretty smelly (no doubt it was like Chanel No 5 to her) but then she felt she had to share the joy (as well as the smell) by rolling all over the blankets on the sofa! Oh what to do with her! All I can say is she’d probably get away with murder as she looks so cute!

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