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Snow leopard wildlife painting

snow leopard cub painting

’50 Shades of Grey’

8×8 inches, pastel on pastelmat. Mounted to fit 10×10 inch standard frame.

Adapted from an image on and is available as merchandise on PIxels

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This snow leopard wildlife painting would make someone a special birthday or Christmas gift!

snow leopard stage 1

A bit of background as to how I created it then. As ever I used brown pastelmat (I have a large supply I bought in a sale from and it is my favourite!

I used a white graphite pencil to sketch out the outline first of all and used various greys plus a little brown to make the blurry background. Once that was in place I started on my favourite part of any painting – the eyes.

snow leopard stage 2

The picture above shows how I work in layers. The most important thing to remember is to make the base layer dark in shade although light of touch. Even though the snow leopard has a pale coloured fur, there are plenty of shadows and areas between each fur stroke which are darker, the base layer will create this.

snow leopard stage 3

Looking at the nose, you can see how just a few more layers starts to create the fur look

snow leopard stage 4

Then it’s simply a case of working more layers on top to achieve the correct fur colours

snow leopard stage 5

You can see from above I’ve added shadows to bring the nose forward, this helps make the face look more 3d

snow leopard wildlife art

And as you can see it takes quite a few pastel pencils to achieve grey!

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