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Pet portraits photo shoots

photo outtakes

Sometimes owners struggle with finding the perfect photo for their pet portraits commissions. I can help!!! Having a dedicated studio I can offer a photo shoot to any of my clients in a secure location and I get to meet my subjects to boot!

I know what I’m looking for in terms of poses and lighting but it takes a little patience and lost of treats (usually very smelly sprats) to coax furries into the positions and scenes the clients want and I need. Having said that, it does take a little effort. Some of these pets are painfully shy, some are excited, some are manic so patience is the name of the game. Getting that one perfect shot involves many failed shots too so as at the end of any good film, here are a few outtakes just for your entertainment!

Airedale terrier

Enough already!!! Fudge has had it with my attempts at getting the perfect shot and wants a rest!

miniature schnauzer

Billie the miniature schnuazer just did her own thing, she was just not interested for the bigger part of her photo shoot!

cavalier Murphy

Cavalier Murphy was just super chilled and took a rest from posing!

Cavalier Harry

As did his best pal Harry, time out everyone!

collie cross husky

Barney just enjoyed his treats too much so we had to wait for him to clean his gnashers quite often!

Japanese chin and papillon

Ziggy the japanese chin just couldn’t keep his tongue out of the way so poor old Ronnie Reject the papillon had to sit patiently as we tried to get a tongue free shot!

So as you can see, not every shot is perfect, even from me and I know what I want, they do say never work with animals or children, maybe they’re right! If you’re trying to take your own references, follow my pet portraits photography guide

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