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Pet Portraits News

three counties game fair

Pet Portraits News

A little pet portraits from photos news for you, recently I had a stand at a brand new Game Fair at Malvern Showground, a very familiar place for me as I attend all the major shows there.

Luckily the weather held out and it seemed there were more dogs than people (right up my street!) I’m back there very soon with the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen at the RHS Spring Show. All my fellow guild members are busy in their studios making and creating for what usually is the busiest show of the year. Don’t forget to check out my Events page to see where I am next!

RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018

I’m also on the middle of preparing my log cabin studio for Far Open studios event which is an art trail around the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas where you can visit lots of home studios plus two exhibitions celebrating local arts and crafts.

Far Open studios 2018

As some of you may know I lost my beloved Stan in February and I was so very, very sad.

Stan the man

I found it quite hard to be without him, he was as bit of a lost soul when I adopted him and so became the centre of my universe. Him not being there was terrible and so I decided to adopt again, this time the lovely but totally untrained, unsocialised and manic Marshall has moved in. He is such hard work, I thought Stan came with baggage but I now realise he was just mildly problematic in comparison with Marshall.

Marshall and I have started training with a specialist dog trainer to help him overcome his many, many issues, some of which are improving, others will take a lot of hard work. His saving grace is he thinks I am wonderful so he gets bonus points for that!

Marshall and Little Poo

Here he is with Little Poo (Princess Poppy Poo Bum) and they have a sort of love hate relationship, Marshall wants to play with the little ones and gets over excited and for a while both our terriers are fine with that but when he goes over the top they decide they’ve had enough and savage him so it’s yet another thing to sort out! To prevent all out war until things settle down, we have more baby gates than Mothercare!!! He’s also very wary of the vacuum so we are wading in dog hair all the time (actually I’m not worried if it takes years to sort that one as it’s not my favourite job!)

Currently I’m working on a very pretty rough haired lurcher, I am planning on updating my blog with all my other commissions I’ve done very soon but in the meantime here is a sneak preview of the lovely Ruff, he’ll have his own post once completed.

rough haired lurcher pet portrait

Read about another event at the same venue, the Malvern RHS Spring Flower Show

Win a pet portrait

Don’t forget you can win your own custom pet portrait too, just subscribe to my website and once I reach 350 subscribers I’ll produce the portrait!!!

win a pet portrait

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