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Ronnie Reject pet portrait video

charcoal papillon portrait

So finally I am attempting to make videos of my artwork process. Please be gentle with me as I’m very green!Hoping that it may be interest to someone! I did initially keep getting in the way and realised I had a mad bad hair day so managed to keep myself out of the scene thereafter!!! This little chap is Ronnie Reject, so named as his ears aren’t to breed standards but he is just a lovely little dog! He is one of a pair of portraits completed, you can see his partner in crime, Ziggy the Japanese chin in the initial part of the video and he too will soon have his very own video to star in! I had the pleasure of meeting him in the fur to take photos for his portrait and when I have time after this mammoth session of pet portraits I’m in the middle of I will try to add a proper blog about how he was created.

I have got a few more videos to make (they don’t get any better I assure you!) but it’s all still very new to me and hopefully I can only get better at it! Let me know what you think!

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