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Happy New Year everyone!

happy new year

So we are now approaching the end of the year! Where has it gone? I blinked and missed it I think!
It’s surprising how time flies by without anyone noticing. I’ve been holed up in my studio creating lots of secret commissions which I will share soon and I am now looking forward to what the New Year brings. I have lots of plans which have been swimming around in my mind, but commissions have so far prevented me from undertaking them. I am not complaining, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating my custom pet portraits (most of which have been dog portraits) and hope to have many more in the future but I also want to bring my plans to life , I guess that means I’ll be busy!

It’s been the year I’ve finally achieved my goal of becoming a full time pet portrait artist. For a couple of years the plan has been underway, I managed to have my log cabin studio built out of my profits last year (and for anyone wanting to do the same, it’s not an inexpensive thing to do so get saving!) I am now ready to tackle it head on and make it a success.

So now I’m preparing for the next stage of my new career, the New Year seems as good a time as any to put it together but also to take a moment to wish all who visit my blog a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope all our new plans come to fruition and our goals are achieved.

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