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Wildlife Art and a new studio office!

wild boar pastel painting

Finally all of my little piggies are in place plus they all have little snouts! I’ve made a start on the blurry background but I have a feeling it could take quite some time. So far I’ve worked 32 hours on my wild boar wildlife painting so it’s another long one! You can see the previous wild boar stages here

Forest of Dean wild boar

And as if on cue, I stumbled across Mummy Boar with her group of 22 plus humbugs. The undergrowth was far too tasty for her to be bothered by me and I thought all was well until two more rather large mamas arrived, then I decided to move on quietly and let them chomp on!

mallard drakes

This made me chuckle, I visited one of the nature reserves to see two mallard drakes sticking their bums in the air in tandem! I think they could win a gold for synchronized swimming!

office studio

After much ado with sanding, painting, staining and carpet laying, a new room has been added to my art empire! I now have an office to go with my artist studio!

Although my studio is quite large, it houses two big easels, a sofa, an arm chair, a desk and a wooden cupboard it was getting over stuffed! Now I have the downstairs bedroom as my office which will double as an animal art packing room too. I have a couple of days worth of tidying up and sorting out then it should all be ship shape in time for upcoming art tuition days.

I think I was on full power today, as after climbing banks and avoiding wild boar at the day job I even laid the carpet in about an hour! Sadly my batteries are worn out now, think I need a recharge!

I have recycled some of our older wooden furniture for the office, much nicer than flat pack versions and a bit sturdier!

artist studio

I also had a bit of a spring clean in the studio, I’ve been able to move my supplies about and created enough space to add a new leather recliner (for those all important rest breaks!)

I’ve found more packs of pastelmat than I ever remember buying so at least I’ve saved myself some money (unless I spend it on something else!)

So for now, I’m gearing up ready for my art tuition days and at least I have a tidy studio

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