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Merry Christmas to my blog readers!

merry christmas

As you read this I will be sat in front of my television, full of Christmas munchies and enjoying some feet up time and not in my artist studio!
It’s been a very busy Christmas for me, in fact my busiest ever with my charcoal and pastel pencils working flat out for quite some time on my pet portraits commissions. I am not complaining, in fact I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it to be honest and I hope to continue enjoying it too!

I have a fair few people who visit my blog on a regular basis, many who receive my latest news updates via their inbox and some who find their way here from social media.

To you all, I hope you enjoy the festive season, and if it’s not your bag, still enjoy being with your family, human, furry, feathered and scaled (not sure if that misses anyone out!)

I’m taking a few days out away from my pet portrait artist duties to enjoy a little downtime before I head back to the studio for even more arty creations and I already have lots more dog portraits booked in for 2019!

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