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Malvern RHS Spring Festival

rhs malvern spring show

The show season is now entering it’s busiest phase! As some of you may know I am a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen and each year we take part in quite a few shows around and about Herefordshire.

The first of our Guild shows was RHS Malvern Spring Festival last weekend. It’s one of the earliest RHS shows and we join forces with our fellow Guilds of Craftsmen from the Cotswold and Worcestershire branches and take over a whole hall to ourselves (posh rebranding as for the next show it’s the cattle shed!)

Depending on organisation, some members are called in to begin setting up the hall in advance to ensure everyone has the same allotted space and that the ‘cubicles’ are set up to replicate individual shops and stands. This show for the last few years has seen me go in early to help set it up, it also means that hopefully my additional services won’t be needed at the next show as other members will take their turn!

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

As you can see the hall is huge! To get this far took almost a day but luckily I had taken my exhibition boards with me so I was able to start setting up my individual area as well. It also meant I could drive my truck into the building to offload which is wonderful as my boards weigh a tonne (they need to be heavy as I want them to stay upright incase a gale erupts!

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

This was my second day of setting up and I was able to concentrate solely on my own area. It’s quite a pfaff trying to get all of my portraits to line up and deciding what goes where to catch as much attention from the passing hoards of shoppers! I spend hours putting them up and taking them down until I make my mind up where everything goes. My ballast boxes at the front ensure nothing takes off but they also serve as cupboards (they even came with doors) so all the untidy stuff I can’t cope without like packaging, plenty of food supplies and extra artwork gets put into them safely and are at hand when required.

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

About half way through at this point, and my newly acquired set of steps were well used as I tried to level frames and match them up in terms of size. It’s not a five minute job to say the least, I’d say in total it takes me at least 8 hours to set it all up!

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

And finally I’m almost there, I did make a few more changes (I always do) but this is basically how it looked on show days. Each day was 9 – 6 and for four days plus two set up days, these shows are quite hard work without even thinking about how long you spend producing items for the show long in advance! Of course after the show it all needs to come down again, I’m thinking it may be due to gravity but thankfully it does come down faster than it goes up!

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

RHS Spring Festival Malvern 2018

A few of my fellow Guild members’ stands. Luckily for most of them they take less time than me to set up and take down!!! See one of our previous exhibitions

Just a quick reminder, the next show is Three Counties Show 15-17 June, 2018, Malvern Showground. You can see more here

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Some of you may know I’ve rehomed another wayward german shepherd. This is the lovely Marshall who is a bit of a handful and has been pretty hard work. It seems in the last week or so he is finally learning to calm down, we are seeing a lovely dog trainer for one to one lessons and he thinks she’s great so is pretty keen on running around fields and learning lots of new tricks, behaviours and generally training. He’s quite a clever boy and things are coming together but we still have a long way to go but here’s hoping he continues to keep on the straight and narrow! He’s having intensive chicken training at the moment as they run around the garden and he thinks they are great fun to try to squash! Thankfully he isn’t a killer but his size could mean disaster if he is allowed to flop on them at will.

I have acquired many more commissions from the Spring show and am steadily working through my list so I’ll be sharing those with you too very shortly.

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