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Chocolate labrador dog portraits continued

chocolate lab portrait

Still working away on Holly, one of my latest labrador portraits and I think I’ve managed to get her shine coming through! Her reference photo is very hazy so it’s been quite a bit of guess work. Her Mum asked for the lightness on her forehead to be toned down, which I have done and it’s given way to lots of chocolate, yummy! Read my Customer reviews from previous clients.

You can see the previous stage here

labrador pastel painting

Holly’s Mum also mentioned the rolls of fur under her neck are what makes Holly so her. I think they are pretty unusual but they were great to do! Not far to go now and Holly has been luckier than most in that she got both her eyes early on. Of late I’ve been hopping about pet portraits so much I’ve missed vital parts of the anatomy being put in first!

Just for a little background info, I used derwent sticks for the blended background, then derwent, pitts and stabilo pastel pencils for Holly herself. I’ve used mainly pitts for the base chocolate layer (sounds like I’m baking a cake) with derwent and stabilos for the highlights as they sit on top the best to give that lovely sheen. I’ve got a bit of a project coming up, I need some eye catching wildlife art pieces for my shows this summer so keep your eyes open for something new!

Willow black german shepehrd

So as we are talking dog portraits, here is one of the photographic kind. My beautiful Willow out in the woods local to my house.

Woorgreen, Forest of Dean

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post on my blog that went to blog heaven when I deleted the database (don’t do it, there is no recovery unless you have off site back up, mine was on the same database – doh! But that’s what the hosts offer!) anyhow I digress, as I mentioned before I would add a little bit about me outside of pet portraits so here are a couple of photos from the local area. The above shot is from Woorgreen, one of my favourite places to visit. Sadly for two thirds of the year it’s quite muddy but now the sun is back, I’m hoping it will dry up!


This is the view from Clanna woods. I little place in the middle of nowhere, very farm orientated and quite pretty and rural. I go to places like this a lot with my day job, but it’s only when the sun is out and the skies are clear you get to see how lovely things really look.

As it’s Easter, I’m wishing you all a very happy bank holiday. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate labrador dog portraits continued

  1. I am thinking about landscapes Ken but I do love fur and feathers! I have so many things I really want to paint and draw I think I need to live until I’m 200! You are right though, the surrounding countryside is very pretty!

  2. you live in such a beautiful area ..i am only surprised that you have not tried pastels on the landscaping …as you spend so much time in your working have a keen eye for detail so could produce some beautiful pieces …happy easter karie.

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