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Ginger cat portraits

ginger feline art

Meet Barry the cat!

Barry’s cat portrait will be accompanying me to the Herefordshire Art Week where a selection of my art, cat paintings and goodies will be on display and for sale. I will also be doing some demos so please do pop along to the Market Place in Ledbury if you are in the area!

Barry’s portrait is from a Flickr reference by Ben Slater used under the creative commons licence and will be for sale after the H-art week is over.

Buy Barry’s ginger cat portraits now!

Prints, Gifts and Apparel available here

H-art week is September 11th to September 20th 10am until 5pm each day, technically a little longer than a week too!

I will be there on the 11th, 13th and 19th doing some demos and curating.

ginger cat portraits 1

So for a few details and behind the scenes info –

Barry’s cat portrait in pastel is 8×12 inches and will be mounted in ivory archival mountboard to fit a standard off the shelf frame size 12×16 inches.

As you can see I got a little carried away with the background before I decided to take some work in progress shots, I love getting lost in the blurry stuff! All of Barry’s pastel painting was created using pastel pencils, I used Derwents, Stabilos and Pitts

For a little info about the background I simply added patches and circles of colours where needed and then gently blended them with my fingers. You can see how the blending gives a bokeh effect in the picture below.

ginger cat portraits 2

As ever, my favourite part of any animal art painting are the eyes, and Barry has fab eyes! I really couldn’t wait to get stuck into them! I used about 6 colours to achieve the mottled effect of the lens, then I used pale blue to add the shine touched up with a very pale grey to give them some life and a bit of roundness.

ginger cat portraits 3

As I’ve mentioned before I work in layers, you can see how I used a very dark brown to add the shadows underneath Barry’s chin, I then simply add more layers on top until I reach the correct shade and hue

ginger cat portraits 4

I had to add this shot as I actually had some shadows from a very rare bit of summer sun! It’s moved to the other side of the world during this summer season and we seem to be in the throws of Autumn already! You can see some of the vibrant colours I use in the mix to achieve the desired ginger tom shades!

ginger cat portraits 5

Sadly, as regular readers of my blog will know I’m not the most logical at creating my artwork, I tend to hop all over the place as beautifully shown here! Hardly anywhere gets completed fully before I move onto another area but it stops me from getting bored as I can use lots of different colours!

ginger cat portraits 6

The brown tape I use to attach my pastelmat to my easel is just brown framers tape, it is so easy to remove as it’s low tack keeping my artwork secure but not sticking to the surface of the pastelmat when removed, it simply peels off leaving a lovely straight edge.

ginger cat portraits 7

As you can see things are really shaping up in this image above, I finally felt I had mastered the colours of Barry and for once seemed to be working quite logically on Barry’s lovely chest fur.

ginger cat portraits 8

Almost done, once everything is in place I tend to go back over all the highlights and shadows to reinforce everything, this makes my pet portraits paintings really pop off the page

ginger cat portraits

And so here is Barry’s ginger cat portraits, all done and ready for scanning.

You can read my commissions guide about custom portraits and order them directly

Hope you like my ginger cat portraits, this one has been added to my cat portraits gallery already where you can see here with some of my other cat art or buy one of my original prints of cat paintings

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