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Gifts for someone special

art gift packages

How about spoiling the special person in your life with something a little different for that special occasion? Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Retirement?

What about one of my luxury pastel experience days? An intensive pastel course for the more experienced or  a pastel taster course for anyone just starting out? What about a gift certificate for pet portraits from photos in the future? One of these gifts could be all you need to turn that special celebration into something wonderful for your better half or that someone special.

luxury pastel art experience day

New Experience Days

Lovely people, you’re looking for something different to give so I’ve done you a huge favour and created the perfect gift for your arty other halves and friends! I’m now offering fabulous Luxury Pastel Art Experience Days whereby someone can come to my lovely log cabin art studio deep in the woods of the Forest of Dean to learn all aspects of painting with pastels. This is not the same as my pastel taster days which are for beginners to pastels but for anyone who already knows they like pastels and wants to learn more techniques and methods to take their artwork to the next level, they will enjoy one of these days. They come with an extensive art bundle to take home allowing further practice with this wonderful and versatile medium. Students can learn how I create those beautiful soft focus backgrounds as well has very detailed areas in my portraits, learn my secrets and apply them to their own artwork and continue to improve in the future.

pastel taster day

Pastel Taster Days

If the recipient is a beginner artist, how about one of my Pastel Taster Days? They can join me in my studio for a day of fun (I am very entertaining plus Little Poo will be on hand to deal with your tea and coffee requirements, we just need to make sure she doesn’t pilfer any biscuits!) 

My taster days are brilliant for anyone who likes the idea of pastels but doesn’t know where to begin. I have so many varieties and brands of pastels and papers why not try them all out to see which suits any budding artist’s way of working best, it will save a fortune In the long run, I’ve bought them all and found I really only use some of my superstore of supplies! I will divulge all sorts of hints and tips guaranteed to ensure a love of pastels (so next year you can buy them all the supplies they need for that special gift!) 

4 day pastel course

4 Day Intensive Course

Finally for those other halves who are more skilled but still in need of a little guidance I offer a 4 day intensive pastel course whereby a pastel painting will be created from start to end. With full instructions the pastel artist can create the painting of their choice using my techniques and methods during a fun and relaxed course. 

gift certificates

Gift Certificates

If that special person isn’t arty but is an animal lover, why not treat them to a pet portraits gift certificate? These are valid for a full year from purchase and will be delivered in a beautiful gift package ready to hand over. This will allow them to choose their own images and be part of the process which is very enjoyable, in fact my previous clients love this part, they offer background information about the subject and this is added to the blog post along with a timelapse video! 

Little Poo's News

So Little Poo has began the Spring Clean early this year. She spotted an empty packet of chocolate biscuits on the plan chest (a guest ate them all, honest!) but she hoovered up every last crumb so the floor is now free of any food stuff (she is suitably miffed about this as she loves finding tasty morsels!) but her duties then took her on a mouse hunt….

studio health and safety check

….so she was back to studio inspections making sure no furry things were hiding anywhere, it’s just so busy with all her duties, no wonder her legs are so short, she must wear them down!!!

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