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Charcoal Dog Portraits

charcoal dog portraits from Art by Karie-Ann

I am now so pleased to be able to offer charcoal dog portraits, in fact I am very happy to offer pet portraits in charcoal full stop! See the new updated pet portraits from photos prices list and make sure you read my Customer reviews from happy clients!

Charcoal is my current new love! I used derwent charcoal pencils for my charcoal drawings. I bought them on a whim as I used to do graphite portraits (can you imagine how long they took me, my pastels take months!) and I wanted to offer a more affordable pet portrait so hoped these would be the answer, and I’m glad to say they are!

See Willow on her 10th birthday!

german shepherd stage 1

I used white pastelmat which I mistakenly bought in a sale, however it did seem the ideal surface and colour for charcoal portraits. I also hoped my first impression of it being a scratchy surface would be wrong! It wasn’t! It felt as scratchy as ever but the charcoal soon covered it up, the coverage was very quick, I remember using pastel before and it took a lot to fill in the nap but the charcoal was just amazing!

german shepherd stage 2

I used a 2h pencil to sketch out my lines very faintly and off I went. The charcoal did a good job covering the graphite and pretty soon my dog portrait was appearing in the page!

german shepherd stage 3

I found the charcoal easy to sharpen, I used the sharpener included in the tin without any issues and I as able to create lots of detail. I did find them so much quicker than pastels, partly due to there only being 4 pencils to use but also because I blocked in areas completely and then added highlights and details on the top. I’d say overall they are twice as quick for me than when using pastels, areas were appearing quite quickly before my eyes!

german shepherd stage 4

I did have concerns about how I would create pale areas, such as the tongue however it was reasonably easy as I smudged a very light layer of the lightest charcoal pastel and it gave me a pale even covering. I didn’t blend anywhere else on the portrait but I can see I would for a lighter coloured dog.

german shepherd stage 5

As you can see the depth and contrast achieved with these charcoal pencils is pretty good, in fact I am buying some more of them as I like them so much!

charcoal pet portraits from Art by Karie-Ann

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