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German shepherd painting in pastel video

german shepherd portrait

This is my new German shepherd painting in pastel video. I’ve started making these little videos for my clients and anyone else who may like to see what happens on my easel (don’t worry, they aren’t too long!).

It seems when I mention the idea to clients, they are so keen on showing the videos to the owners as part of the presentation process or viewing their own furries come to life as dog portraits, they can’t wait! I am still very much finding my way around the editing, in fact these early ones will hopefully pale into comparison with my Oscar winning films I make in the not too distant future (oh I so wish!) 

George and Maisy the german shepherds

George and Maisy the german shepherds. 14×10 inch pastel pet

Posted by Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art by Karie-Ann on Saturday, 8 December 2018

Anyway, I will still of course be adding my usual pet portraits work in progress blog posts at a later date but currently I am buried underneath secret commissions and just don’t have any time to get these done right now but don’t worry, they will materialise as soon as possible.

These two beauties are George (black) and Maisy, and a very clever daughter booked their pastel portrait commission after seeing me working on a German Shepherd painting at an exhibition last summer. We had quite a bit of back and forth with Maisy’s colouring. I wasn’t making her fur peppered enough with dark fur sprinkled throughout. I just wasn’t seeing what Becca did on the portrait, I find I go a little snowblind after staring at a dog portrait for too long so I took them off the easel for a while then went back. Instantly I could see what was wrong and I’ll never know how I didn’t see the problem before, Maisy was just too light all over and after a good once over she was a hit! Phew!!! They were created at size 14×10 inches which was perfect to have them sitting side by side without too much overlapping leaving these beautiful German shepherds to both shine. 

This is how my client describes these beauties – 


The black shepherd is called George he is 4 years old and we rescued him 2 years ago. He is very stubborn, hates being brushed and doesn’t enjoy early morning walks as he’s a bed bug! He is a bundle of energy and loves walks up Windsor great park. The Black and Tan is Maisy she’s 8 years old and again was rescued at a year old, she lives for her  ball food and a good belly rub! She is obsessed with giving George kisses not that he wants her too!! She’s the most loving Shepherd we have ever had once she knows you as she’s still scared from being badly treated. They both to enjoy to ride around on their steam engine!

I hope you like my venture into dog art videos, you can share and like them through Facebook directly on the video above so feel free to do so for me. Let me know what you think and if you have any video tips, do leave me a comment! 

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