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Garden art studio video tour!

garden art studio

If you’re anything like me, I love to have a good old nose around! So welcome to my art studio!

So here you are, a quick video as I was setting it up for the first of my tuition days this year. This is where the action takes place, where the steam comes off my pastel pencils!

Garden art studio Video

Mini Gallery

As you can see my garden art studio is big enough to allow me a mini gallery on the back wall where I can show clients examples of my pet portraits. I display them with the reference images so they can see the likeness I achieve which will give them a good idea of what to expect of their own pet portraits commissions.

I’ve also acquired a couple of wall dressers which are perfect for my aceo prints and niknaks I have featuring my wildlife art and non commissioned work.

My easel and furniture

In the corner you can see my easel, the smaller of two my husband won at farm auctions! This one cost £5 and the bigger one which is in the garage studio was just £2, it just goes to show what you can find, another man’s junk is definitely my treasure! I love the fact they are wooden and tilt  with heavy duty metal legs instead of the newer formica ones you can buy now, these would definitely not move in a gale force wind!

My latest acquisition is the plan chest from the flea fair. I’ve wanted one to store my metre wide sheets of pastelmat in my garden art studio for a long time but this was at the last fair before Christmas so the stall holder didn’t want to take it home to store over the winter so I got it for a song. It’s already full of my paper and so much more!

plan chest

I will need to paint all of my furniture (a job I need to persuade hubby to do in the warmer weather!)  so it will all get a facelift before the next FarOpen studios event next summer.

As you can see I have set up a table for my first students to use, the tables have legs which remove and the table top can fit underneath the second one against the wall so I can move things around very easily in my art studio to accommodate many event types.

Little Poo's News

Studio Assistant

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will notice my little studio sidekick Poo (Poppy) on her tea break outside the garden art studio. She insists on mousing time as part of her contract otherwise she’s told me she’ll go on strike!

I hope you like my little visual tour to give you an idea of how my little arty adventures come to life and where the private tuition takes place. If you find it interesting, leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you and do subscribe to keep up with the latest news!

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2 thoughts on “Garden art studio video tour!

  1. Hi Michael!!! How are you? Hope it’s still very warm down under for you. It’s cool but dry here, some frost but I am very happy to be lovely and cosy in my little studio! Wishing you a fabulous New Year!!!!!

  2. nice little studio…

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