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Framed Pet Portraits

framed pet portraits

You may remember Katy-Boo, a commission of a dearly loved terrier who had recently passed away, well here is her framed pet portraits.

She’s now back at home with her humans, framed and keeping a watchful eye on them! Her Mum was so pleased with her portrait, especially her wonderful eyes and told me that wherever she is in the room it seems as though Katy-Boo is looking directly at her! I think I succeeded in bringing Katy-Boo back to them which is a very heart-warming feeling. You can read all about Katy-Boo’s terrier pet portraits in pastel blog post. The bonus of Katy-Boo’s commission was that her owners were very local so they even came to visit my studio to see where she was ‘made’. It’s fantastic to meet clients in person whenever possible and also so good to hear how much they appreciated my artistic efforts.

Framed Pet Portraits

As you know I stopped posting framed pet portraits a while ago due to being unable to insure them because glass was considered unsafe. I’ve now teamed up with a bespoke framer who uses conservation grade materials including Clarity+ Premium Glazing and is Fine Art Guild commended so I can now offer fully framed pet portraits bringing you the full package. You can now receive your pet portraits commissions ready to hang straight on the wall. Wonderful if it’s a gift so you can hand it over completed to the lucky recipient without further ado. You can see the selection of frames available on my framing portraits page and more are due to be added very shortly. Each of these frames will be made bespoke to fit each individual commission, they are not off the shelf and I believe my artwork merits this plus it’s great to be able to offer a finished product to anywhere in the world rather than just to clients who collect their portraits. See framed terrier pet portraits

framed pet portraits of dogs

A day in the life of an artist

bluebells in the forest of dean

I did this many moons ago and have decided to resurrect this section to my blog so you can all get to know a little more about me and what I do when I’m not sat at my easel.

I have two german shepherd dogs who love to be out and about in the woods. Living in the beautiful Forest of Dean, England is wonderful. I love it, especially in the warmer months when everything is so full of life and is lush and green. We are just coming out of winter but in some remote areas of woodland spring has definitely arrived a full month early, look what I found today! Bluebells usually appear in May but as it’s the first week in April I was very surprised to see such a display!

view to May Hill

I have a habit of wandering off the beaten track but sometimes I discover secret views and hidden dwellings. This is the view to May Hill. Its summit is in Gloucestershire but the slopes on the northern side are in Herefordshire. It’s a local landmark and instantly recognisable due to the clump of pine trees on the top which were planted in 1887 for Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. There is supposedly buried treasure somewhere on the hill. Many people have tried to find it but to this day it has never been found.

Hope Wood

And this really is a view from a secret path. This is Hope Wood, a long way out of the way where I only ever meet locals who know about it. What a view!

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Feel free to visit my  gallery where you will find lots of completed dog portraits but if you like to see how they are made, visit my dog art blog posts where I show step by step updates from the beginning to end of each piece and don’t forget I offer worldwide pet portraits commissions.

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