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Framing pet portraits in charcoal

framing pet portraits

Look what Barney’s Mum sent me! Isn’t Barney a handsome boy and he is also quite happy to have his photograph taken!

Here’s what his human had to say about his portrait

OMG… What can I say, an absolutely stunning portrait I couldn’t ask for anything better 😍 the likeness if great and she really captured his chilled happy vibe 😊😊 100% would recommend to everyone,!! Thank you Karie-Ann

Framing Pet Portraits in charcoal

framed charcoal drawing

I have to say this is one of my favourite charcoal drawings I’ve completed this year. It went well from beginning to end and being able to reproduce those fabulous shiny areas in contrast to the very dark fur was a real joy! Alas on collection day, Barney had been able to find and cover himself in some very thick gooey mud so was unable to visit. His Mum promised to send me a photo of him with his portrait when she got home. I think it’s safe to say this boy is idolised, his Mum even takes him abroad for canicross and it looks like he has his own chair too, not that he doesn’t deserve to be spoiled rotten as after meeting him I was totally smitten.

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charcoal pet portraits

You can see how his charcoal drawing was created step by step. I’ve created a short YouTube video of a different charcoal drawing for you to see how they come to life!

Other Studio News

I’ve teamed up with an engraver and can now offer plaques direct from my website. I have had a few ordered for customers and will blog some pictures when I have a few minutes spare (which is not an easy task right now)

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