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Framed terrier pet portraits

terrier portraits

Just because this little fella is so cute he deserves a blog post all of his own! This is Alfred, one half of the double terrier dog portraits I have just completed.

I met Alfred in person and his humans at the hand over, I tried to take his photo but he was having none of it. Each time he turned his head in the opposite direction like a proper little diva! However, once at home and probably feeling relieved a strange person wasn’t shoving a camera in his face anymore, he did the right thing a posed perfectly! Isn’t he adorable! I just love his freckles. I sent his humans (yes they are his slaves) to where they could buy a fabulous frame and it was hanging on the wall in next to no time! Digging the wall paper in this room too, it’s a work of art all on it’s own. See more framed pet portraits

framed terrier portraits

Anyway this is the final resting place of the portrait as it suited Murphy perfectly. This is what his Dad said

It’s actual hanging place will be in the hallway (picture with the white walls) – it’s great here as they can watch us in and out of the house!  And Murphy always loved a walk and barking at the doorbell, so only fitting that he should be watching the front door.

I love to hear from my clients and to see their portraits on the wall. Makes it all worthwhile.

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