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English setter pet portraits

english setter pet portraits

Meet the very handsome Perry! Just about the only one of my pet portraits commissions I can show before Christmas!

Making English setter pet portraits

english setter stage 1

Perry’s portrait was to match one painted many years ago by another artist. I’m not really a fan of floating heads but I did love the mint shade used for the background. I used panpastels to create a soft smooth block of colour and the more I use them, the more I like them for my pet portraits.

english setter stage 2

Perry was very freckled so it took quite a bit of work to make sure everything and every spot was in the right place. Some freckles were quite ginger in colour, others were brown, others red. It took quite a few pastel pencils to make sure every shade of freckle was covered!

english setter stage 3

I used a combination of Derwents, Stabilos and Faber Castell pastel pencils for this portrait, they all mix together very well so it gave me a huge array of shades to use.

english setter stage 4

Here you can see me at work on Perry’s curly fur. It took as many layers to create the fluffy chest as all those freckles! I used many layers of pastel pencils to create those swirls of fur, one on top of another in a variety of shades to build up the thickness of fur. I used anthracite pastelmat as my support and the dark shade helped me with the shadows between the fur.

english setter stage 6

So this is the update I sent to Perry’s humans, I never send a totally finished update incase they need any changes (none for Perry, yay!!!) as it would be difficult to work around whiskers and fine wisps of fur, I add those after I get approval.

english setter stage 7

I also have a bit of a tidy up, adding more wisps, whiskers and signing before I send one last update and then it’s packing time!!!

english setter pet portraits

And here is Perry’s signed and completed portrait. I mount my portraits so the client can simply pop them into a frame, I find it helps keeping the portrait flat and safe during postage. You can see how I pack my portraits

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Behind the scenes…

I don’t really do shopping but sometimes I have huge impulse buys. Once I went out for a pair of shoes and came home with a car, well this time I went out for a new strip light for my studio to the local hardware store and came home with this, my new pencil tin! It’s full of all of my pastel and charcoal equipment, papers and much more, all now in one place! Plus it’s on wheels so I can drag it around with ease, so much easier and tidier than my studio has been in months. Even hubby thinks it was a good buy!

Also we’ve had the first (probably only) snowfall of the year. We don’t get much thankfully, just enough to look pretty for a few hours but it’s still enough to feel the cold if you’re outside all day!!!! Think I need to invest in some new thermals!

Sallow Vallets

Sallow Vallets

Worcester Lodge

Worcester Lodge

Sallow Vallets

And of course my two rambling companions, Stan and Willow. Sadly Stan is becoming a little wobbly on his feet these days and I think his day job will soon be coming to an end, hoping he will enjoy retirement but from what I know he will be devastated if I leave him at home.

Don’t forget!

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